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Q1. How satisfied were you with our overall level of service?

Q1a. If dissatisfied, please tell us briefly why this is.

Q2. Did we give you information/advice that was easy to understand?

Q2a. How might we improve?

Q3. How informative did you find our staff?

Q4. How well did we keep you up-to-date with progress?

Q5. How well did we listen to what you had to say?

Q6. Did we treat you fairly at all times?

Yes No

Q6a. If you believe you were treated unfairly due to e.g. your ethnic background, sex, religion, or any other reason please tell us briefly what happened.

Q7. Would you recommend us to someone else if they needed legal help or advice?

Q7a. Please give your reason(s) for your answer to Q7?

Q8. Was the result of your case better, worse or the same as we had advised you?

Q9. Please tell us how you heard about our organisation and whether it was easy or difficult to make initial contact?

Q10. Do you have any further comments or suggestions that may help us to improve our level of service?

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Your responses are completely confidential. However, if you would like us to contact you to discuss any of the issues raised, please complete your name and email address below.


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